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Abies Nordmanniana
Nordmann Fir, Caucasian Fir; Concolor - $50 per kg*

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The seeds preparation takes place in the Republic of Georgia .  The seeds produced are well known for high quality and are prepared in compliance with all required technological standards. 

Production capacity is 5-8 tones of seeds per season. The preparation process takes approximately 4 months. 

  • During the first month (September 25 October 25) we gather the cones. 
  • The second and the third months are dedicated for the seeds preparation which involves breaking up the cones and selection of the seeds. 
  • The forth month involves drying of the seeds in the special drying facilities and then their delivery to the customers.






*Delivery: Per Quote Basis

to estimate the cost of shipping per kg, depends on the type of transportation used and order quantity. We have several alternative shipping options available. Please note that these seeds are shipped direct from the Republic of Georgia

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